Services & Pricing

For Clients01

I am able to offer 'traditional' Physiotherapy services, as well as an approach incorporating a variety of different methods gained through my extensive training and education. This might include;

  • Strength & Conditioning and Resistance training programs
  • Functional Movement Screen & Selective Functional Movement Assessment (FMS & SFMA)
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)
  • Postural Restoration (PRI)
  • The McGill approach to mechanical back pain
  • Mobility and exercise technique assessments

For Health & Fitness Professionals02

I have an in-depth understanding of exercise, rehabilitation and resistance training that forms the basis of his assessment and treatment approach. I'm available to provide workshops, mentorship and educational sessions to both health and fitness professionals on a variety of topics involving assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of a variety of topics.

For further details - get in contact to see what I can add to your skill set.

Assessments & Consultations03

Because the devil is in the detail with my assessment process, initial assessments may be longer than you would expect, or have previously experienced. When arranging your first session, I will make a recommendation on the appropriate assessment duration. If this process happens to be shorter than expected, you will be charged the cheaper rate.

  • Initial Assessment45 minutes
  • Initial Assessment60 minutes
  • Initial Assessment90 minutes

Follow-Up Sessions04

Follow-up sessions to an assessment allow the use of 'hands on' treatment techniques where necessary, as well as in-depth coaching and execution of a rehabilitation program. Whilst there is great value in being coached through your program, I understand that cost can sometimes be prohibitive. In these cases, I am more than happy to offer 'distance support' through video and email feedback for as long as required. Please note that review and progression of rehabilitation programs will require a follow-up appointment.

If you currently work with another therapist, personal trainer or strength & conditioning coach and would prefer to continue working with them during your rehabilitation, I am more than happy to communicate our assessment findings and my recommendations to them directly.

  • Follow-Up Session30-60 minutes
  • Follow-Up Session60-90 minutes

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